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Stop violence against women and children initiative (SVWCI) team aims to facilitate the introduction and implementation of evidence-based legal and policy frameworks that effectively address violence against women and children. To do this, we engage with policy-makers, parliamentarians and civil society partners to build capacity to prevent and respond to violence and to raise awareness of its causes and consequences

We work to pass on a healthy planet and fair societies to our children and grandchildren. We envision a sustainable, just and peaceful future where universal rights are respected. To achieve this, we research, identify and spread the best and most sustainable policy solutions worldwide.

what we do

In close collaboration with civil society, members of parliament, governments, businesses and international organizations we research future-just legislation and advise and support decision-makers in the concrete implementation.

Create programs and symposiums that will educate women in order to safeguard them against violence


The communication plans of this organization strategically focus its outreach efforts around a Certain set of goals- usually the mission and objectives of the organization. It is aimed at effectively promoting our work in the public and donors’ eyes. Members of the stakeholder’s team have been involved in this strategy and have taken into account the following considerations:

  • Budget: Despite there being a variety of free communication channels on the market, the reality is it often takes money to communicate effectively with large audiences. From printing costs, to media house stipends, to sponsored social media ads. However, we have concluded that the communication dream is big, but the marketing budget is low.
  • Capacity: While the communications strategy is an essential part of the organization, we have a considerable number of staff members with the ability to create, maintain and lead this process in the long run.
  • Executive Will: The organization’s executive team are the people communicating to the widest group of people about the organization.  It has been ensured that they are on board before getting started with any planning.

However, the following mediums have been selected on how to communicate with our audience group:

  • The use of brochures, briefing notes, flyers, press releases and other documents.
  • Technology and non-technology tools such as social media, email, and SMS bursts. Non-technology mediums would involve newspapers, newsletters, and community bulletin boards.


Staff performance management and evaluation are key areas of an organization’s personnel policy. They are essential because they help to determine a direction to which the organization is heading and how the staff or team members contribute to the overall mission of the organization. SVWCI currently has a total of 20 members of staff and volunteers.  The criteria for recruiting staff members are; level of education, professional qualification, years of experience, company culture, etc.  Members have been able to constantly work together to plan, implement and evaluate

performances within the framework of the organization’s objectives.

However, there have been a few challenges which include higher compensation demands by staff members, unappealing company culture among younger employees, increased employee turnover, lack of passion, etc. Working styles and patterns are being developed for a better talent management such as planning the performances of staff members where the director sits with employees to discuss and finalize targets and work plans to be achieved by the employees in relation to their competencies, expectations, resources and results to be achieved, appraising performances of members which involve feedback and evaluation of an employee’s performance and improving the performances of all staff members.


SVWCI is a non-governmental, non-political, non-partisan and  non-profit organization which has her registered office in Ijebu-ode, Ogun State. SVWCI was founded in 2019 and has then Significantly contributed to improving lives of victims of domestic violence who are mostly women and children.SVWCI is committed to the enforcement of Nigerian women and children’s rights and The attainment of equality, development, peace and a violent free world.

To implement effective advocacy and high impact empowerment programs and services, to Improve and protect the lives of women and children against violence.


To establish and sustain an improved society that raises the standards of living of women and Children.


Board members play a critical role in the development and success of a non-profit Organization. SVWCI has volunteers who act as guardians for the organization, who protect and Maintain the core values and purposes of the organization.  As a collective body, the trustees hold The authority and responsibility to ensure the fulfilment of the organization’s mission. They also Serve as the leaders. The operations and management of the institution are operated by staff and Volunteers who are essentially skilled to run the organization successfully. The board of governance of SVWCI is made up of about 20 distinguished Nigerians with Landmark experiences who are drawn from all sectors of the society. Although, not all the leaders Have been established, the stakeholders have come to a conclusion that the board should consist of The CEO of the organization, the Treasurer, Secretary, Administrative Manager, Public Relations Assistant, Programme and Project Manager and other staff members. Each trustee is to be Supported to understand all aspects of the organization to enable them do the best job for the Common goal of the organization.


Fundraising is very sophisticated nowadays. It requires specialized skills and dedicated team. It can feel so much more difficult to secure funding when you are not also promising gratifying Rewards in return. However, reminding people of the benefits tied to investing in an NGO is a Powerful tool when seeking financial support. Proposing a way forward in mitigating domestic Violence against women and children in Nigeria is far more valuable than any financial return.

Therefore, the following strategies have been employed in raising funds for the organization.

  • Crowdfunding
  • Reward and Incentive Programs
  • Digital means
  • Organizing events such as workshops, motivational  seminars about the benefits of the organization and programmes
  • Generating profits through businesses
  • Seeking donations from government, public parastatals and philantropical individuals.


SVWCI is focused on the programmes that aim to prevent violence against women and children and to ensure the restitution of their rights. The organization also encourages other people to become volunteers to help fight for battled women and children.  The organization has been able to carry out some programs and has also innovated new programs. They include:

  • Training Workshops
  • Home Visitation and Parent Education Programs to prevent Child Maltreatment
  • Bullying Prevention Programs
  • Domestic Violence Prevention Programs for School and College Population
  • Empowerment and Participatory Approaches to Reduce Gender Inequality
  • Parent Training and Education
  • Volunteer and Mentorship Programs
  • Annual Report and Audit Accounts
  • Call for Applications from NGOs and Community Based Organization’s to support implementation of the Organization’s activities.

             The biggest challenges that are currently preventing the execution of some programs is lack of funds and volunteers.  However, with the fund raising strategies implemented and upcoming strategies to attract a larger audience, we hope that in the nearest future, the organization would have accomplished more than what is expected.