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My name is Ifafoye Olajumoke Morayo, I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History and International Studies, I have done several certification programmes in the humanitarian field.

I’m the founder of “STOP THE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND CHILDREN INITIATIVE” (SVWCI) I have 10 years of numerous works and volunteering experience in the humanitarian world.
I am most passionate about helping women realize their worth, to love above the shackles of patriarchy, and to thrive to be the best version of themselves. Nigeria is a highly patriarchal society, everyday women are trampled upon for being women.
Womanhood is seen as the shadow of humanity; second class humans. I grew up seeing the difference in how both genders were regarded. I realized the oodles of male supremacy and the value that has been accorded to the men, and women are treated with less regard; this sparked my flair for advocacy.
My mission statement for STOP THE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND CHILDREN INITIATIVE (SVWCI) is geared towards creating programs and symposiums that will educate women to safeguard them against violence. Catering for the welfare of women and children who are victims of violence or neglect. To sensitize the public on the ills of violence. To help women who are domestic violence victims to get over hurt or abuse and recover their emotional independence. To take care of less privileged children and women. To create an empowerment Programme. To put up programs, seminars to help women and children live up to their potential.   To be able to control Juvenile delinquency, and to organize entrepreneurship and leadership programs for women in the various community in Nigeria.